Debra Eliza Mane
Feelgood novels with a #Yiha!

Princess in Texas




'Princess in Texas' sold 1,000 copies in the first month and is a national bestseller on iTunes and Kobo


When Samantha is forced to leave Holland because her mom wants to live in Texas after an ugly divorce, she is understandably not amused. Sam is the high school princess and queen of everything that matters to her. All that's waiting for her in Texas is a town filled with uneducated cowboys, she is sure of it. 

Once in Robstown, Texas, Sam decides to make a virtue of necessity and strives to be the queen of Robstown High as soon as possible. But one person stands in her way: Scott, the handsome handyman who's fixing up their home. He doesn't fit into her picture-perfect life... so why is she having such a hard time to ignore his gorgeous smile?